“Raising my visibility online has brought me tons of new business opportunities!”

Lynne Donahue health coachWorking with Jill, I created a strategic approach to branding that helped to make marketing manageable and effective.  Prior to coaching with Jill, I knew bits and pieces of marketing approaches.  I spent my time on some marketing approaches that I thought I should do.  Now I have a plan based on strategies that work for my business and my efforts are much more productive.  I don’t feel like my marketing is a shot in the dark any more!

My website is much more effective and attracting more to the type of clients that I want to work with. My social media approach is more reflective of my brand and is reaching wider audiences all the time.  I have created several products and packages that are attracting new clients.

I recommend Jill to my colleagues because she offers the support and expertise that can raise a new business to a much higher level of success, quickly!  Raising my visibility online has brought me tons of new business opportunities! – Lynne Donahue, health coach, Fresh Plate Health

“Jill has a way of listening to your needs.”

Kathleen Mitchell health coachFrom the minute I met with Jill I felt a connection. She had an easy online presence that automatically made you feel confident in her abilities! When speaking with her during our phone appointments, she always exudes a positive and confident manner that makes working with Jill enjoyable.

Jill has a way of listening to your needs, summarizing and organizing the main points, and then rolling them up into doable action steps to propel you forward in your business. I have, and will continue to, recommend Jill as my Branding Coach, every chance I get. – Kathleen Mitchell, RDH, CHHC, health coach, Nourish Your Needs

“Thanks to the time I spend working with Jill, I am more organized with my planning.”

Tricia StaltareWorking with Jill has been one of the best coaching experiences I have ever had. She put my branding and marketing into perspective and showed me what I needed to do – and more importantly how to do it. Every marketing question I had was answered, and then I was able to implement immediately what we talked about. Sometimes I am a procrastinator, and Jill would gently remind me of what needed to get done and remind me to get a coaching call on the calendar.

Before working with Jill, I had no marketing plan at all. I would just wing it. Now I have a daily plan of action. Having a plan set up the way Jill teaches you is so important to the success of your business. Whether you implement them yourself or delegate it to others, it needs to get done.

Thanks to the time I spend working with Jill, I am more organized in my planning. Each month there is a plan and I plan 6 months out now. My social media engagement has improved, which was a goal of mine when I started with Jill. There are more likes, and instead of having just one social media outlet, I use three. Although each social media outlet is different, my branding and message is the same throughout all of them.

I have recommended Jill to other business owners and will continue to do so. I truly believe she gives you great value for your money. – Tricia Staltare, owner, Complete Care Systems

“Jill helped me to narrow my focus and find my passion.”

Bonnie Mason Brand StorytellerJill Celeste is an expert at personal branding and she’s the real deal! If you want to grow your business and are not sure how to get it done, Jill Celeste, Personal Branding Coach is your answer!

Jill has tremendous knowledge and expertise in social media technology and marketing and is extremely generous to share her wisdom with her clients. Jill helped me to narrow my focus and find my passion.  With the step-by-step process she took me through, I was able to grow my business by enhancing my personal brand.  Jill’s coaching program provides clients with the tools and resources necessary to succeed. – Bonnie Mason, writer and owner, 

“By working with Jill, I have more creative ideas on how I can continue to brand myself on a daily basis.”

Kim Washington Thirty-One GiftsJill is very passionate about what she does and is genuinely concerned about the success of my  business. She is a coach, but also a partner in ensuring that I am seeing results with the implementation of new ideas.  Jill has helped me to expand and stretch ideas to make sure I am covering all opportunities. Jill is also fabulous at identifying traits and strengths that I may not have thought I had or could bring out more of.

Jill is a great listener, and through our follow-up calls covers every accountable task update from our previous call. That has helped me stay on track and focus on a few things between each call. The expertise that Jill shares is awesome, and she has a passion for what she does and it comes through when we have our calls.

By working with Jill, I have more creative ideas on how I can continue to brand myself on a daily basis. I also have increased awareness about my Facebook page that has netted me almost 500 true and genuine likes since working with Jill. I also have an increased understanding of the importance of what to post on Facebook – and why to post it.” – Kim Washington, Independent National Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

“Since working with Jill, we have increased sales and have a stronger branded presence.

Monica Canavan Groovy Lab in a BoxWorking with Jill has been a fantastic experience!  She is professional, and goes above and beyond for our company. Since working with Jill, we have increased sales and have a stronger branded presence.

Our marketing was disorganized before we met Jill.  We had ideas of what we wanted to do but lacked time to do them. Jill organized our marketing and advised us on different approaches to reach a larger audience.  Jill helped us think of ways to maximize on opportunities we would have never thought of on our own. She also taught us the benefits of email marketing, and we have quadrupled our newsletter subscribers since working with Jill, which directly increased our sales! – Monica Canavan, co-founder, Groovy Lab in a Box

“My productivity, vision and content distribution have greatly improved since working with Jill.”

jillian_michaelsBefore working with Jill, my marketing was cluttered, unorganized and not reaching my target audience the way I hoped. Now, thanks to working with Jill, I am able to channel my branding throughout all of my marketing to make it more clear and concise for my clients. My productivity, vision, and content distribution have greatly improved since I have worked with Jill.

I am able to feel more focused on clear objectives and have a process to achieve them. Jill’s knowledge of resources for getting the job done is beyond what I have been able to search for myself on the Internet. She helped me create clear, attainable and prosperous goals. – Jillian Michaels, founder, Power-Barre

“I know now the steps I need to take to market my services. I no longer feel constantly behind the eight ball!”

Elizabeth Handley Blue Brain TrainingJill helped me to figure out how to market a new service that I developed called Blue Brain Training. While I knew Blue Brain Training would be valuable to so many families, I had no idea how to get the word out. I benefitted greatly from her support, her knowledge of available resources, and her enthusiasm for my service. She also cheered me on as I developed my new skills in marketing my product.

Before I worked with Jill, my marketing was worse than non-existent. Not only did I not have a marketing strategy, I was stressed about how to do marketing. Now, I am not stressed anymore about what to do next, which for me is a very big relief. I know now the steps I need to take to market my services. I no longer feel constantly behind the eight ball!

As a result of working with Jill, I can now effectively communicate and market Blue Brain Training. It’s getting easier and easier to do so too. – Elizabeth Handley, LMHC, CCMHC, licensed mental health counselor, Blue Brain Training.

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