The One Thing You Need To Do To Succeed On Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform, but you may be wondering: Is there a secret to Instagram success?

I am pretty sure there is – and the “secret” may surprise you.

You see, like with any marketing tactic, you have to roll up your shirt sleeves, work it, analyze it, and measure your results.

Specifically, you have to experiment!

What do I mean? Check out this week’s marketing strategy video to get the full scoop!

The One Thing You Need To Do To Succeed On Instagram by Jill Celeste,



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To succeed on Instagram, you need to experiment. A lot. - Jill Celeste,


How can you use Instagram to attract your ideal clients?

You can read tons of Instagram articles and take courses about Instagram (which are all great things to do!), but there’s one thing you need to understand about Instagram:

To succeed on Instagram, you need to experiment. A lot.

What? There’s no magic “Instagram pill” you can take to instantly grow your audience and get your Instagram posts to be liked and commented on by thousands of people?

Nope, no magic pill. Just a lot of elbow grease and patience.

So, put on your marketing lab coat, and let’s talk about your Instagram experiment.

#1: Experiment with your Instagram content

What types of posts will your Instagram audience love? The only way to find out is to start posting and experimenting.

Honestly, if you want to do this write, open up a spreadsheet and document the following:

  • The topic of what you posted
  • The date and time you posted it
  • The number of impressions your post garnered (you can find that in the “Insights” section of Instagram)

Do this for 30 days and then analyze. What worked? What didn’t work? Keep experimenting until you find the sweet spot.

#2: Experiment with when you post

Posting great content doesn’t do you much good if your Instagram audience doesn’t see it. Luckily, you can get an idea of when to post your content through Instagram Insights.

When you’re in Instagram insights, go to the Audience Tab. Then look at the “Followers” section. Here, you can see what times your audience is on Instagram, as well as day of the week.

This will give you a good head start.

I’d experiment further, using the spreadsheet above, to not only discover when to post content, but what times of day to post certain types of content. For example, you may find that Saturday night is best for funny posts, while Wednesday afternoons are great for more promotional posts.

#3: Experiment with hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram can help extend the reach of your posts, as well as your Instagram profile.

It’s important to use the right hashtags, but how do you find them?

A tool I recommend using is This is a website that helps you identify what hashtags to use based on suggestions. You can upload an image for hashtag suggestions, type in text, or search for related hashtags.

In addition to RiteTag, you can use the native Instagram hashtag suggestions. When you start to type in a hashtag, Instagram will give you suggestions with reach. The higher the reach number, the more likely people will see that hashtag (and in turn, your post).

Instagram Insights can tell you if your post was found by hashtags, so be sure to check that metric out to see which hashtags are working (or not).

As you can see, you have to experiment on Instagram to help you determine what to post, when to post it, and what hashtags to use. Don’t let this discourage you.

When you find your Instagram sweet spot, you’ll love connecting with your ideal clients. Like with any marketing tactic, it takes patience. With diligent analysis, you can have Instagram success. I believe in you!


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  1. Heather Maria

    I’ve experimented since I started with it a few years back. Still seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I don’t get too many engagements on my posts but oddly I do get some followers instead. It’s interesting to keep trying as I do enjoy posting on there. And I do get more likes at least then I do on Facebook.


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