There Are Enough Clients For Everyone

There are enough clients for everyone by Jill CelesteOne of my clients once said to me: “Someone else bid on this project. Now that I have competition, I probably won’t get this gig.”

Her comment took my breath away for so many reasons:

  • She didn’t have enough confidence in her gifts to believe she’d get this project, no matter who else was bidding on it.
  • She believed that competition is bad – just someone who will take business away from her.
  • She’s coming from a scarcity mindset, meaning she doesn’t believe they are enough clients for everyone.

Isn’t it amazing how we process “competitors” as entrepreneurs?

I want to challenge you to change your mindset about your competitors. Are you ready?



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It's always about your ideal client. It's never about you. - Jill Celeste


How do you feel about “competitors”? No shame here. Most entrepreneurs I have coached are aware of who their competitors are and what services they offer.

And if they were being totally honest, most entrepreneurs are a little (or even very) wary of their competition.

If this is you, please read this blog post to help ease your “competitor anxiety” – and see how those in your industry can help you improve your business.

It’s all about changing your mindset around competitors and abundance. Let’s get started…

The world needs you – and your competitors

You see, not every person you meet will be able to work with you. Perhaps you and a prospect don’t have the right vibe, maybe you’re located in the wrong city, or perhaps your offerings don’t meet the needs of that person.

And so when that sales prospect finds that synergy with your competitor, that’s a good thing. Wish her well and focus your energies on the rest of the people who do need you. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to spin your wheels trying to connect with someone who isn’t meant to work with you? Even further, aren’t you glad that sales prospect found someone perfect for him?

It’s always about your ideal clients – it’s never about you.

There are enough clients for everyone

I believe in abundance. And that means I believe there are enough clients for everyone.

There are so many people out there who need help. There’s no way you could serve them all.

In fact, I would argue that those who are meant to work with you are divinely contracted to do so. This also means there are people out there who divinely contracted to work with your competition.

It’s especially important to remember this when a competitor offers a new product or service. This may cause you anxiety, but don’t let it. Just remember: You will serve who you’re meant to serve.

Benchmark from your competitors

I would never contend, though, that you shouldn’t be aware of your competitors and what they’re offering. Watch your competitors is to benchmark what they are doing. If your competitor is blazing the trail, what can you learn? What mistakes did they make that you don’t have to repeat?

Sometimes I joke that benchmarking is “borrowing ideas” from others – but this is done in a loving way. Open your heart and mind, and you’ll learn a lot from your competition’s hard work.

Every business has competition. This means you are someone’s competitor too. Approach your competition not as people trying to steal your business but as entrepreneurs who are trying to serve their customers. Like you, they have a purpose in the marketplace.

Learn from what they’re doing and benchmark their successes.  Most importantly, stop worrying about them. There are plenty of people in the world who need your services. Focus your energy on finding them.

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