Time-Saving Social Media Tips

One of the complaints I often receive from clients is how time intensive social media is, especially when you’re not seeing an immediate return on your investment. All marketing can be time intensive, but there are ways to make your social media marketing less of a time suck.

Check out these four time-saving social media tips:

Time-Saving Social Media Tips

#1: Pick the right social media sites

One of my favorite sayings is “fish where the fish are” because it’s such a true sentiment for social media marketing. It’s essential that you are on the right social media channels to reach your audience, or else you will be wasting time and spinning your wheels.

Here’s the trick: First, identify who your target market is, making sure you understand their demographics. Then, analyze the demographics for each social media site and find the one that matches your ideal customer’s demographics. For example, if you are marketing to teenagers and young adults, you won’t want to use Facebook because that is not a site they use.

#2: Use automation tools

Social media automation tools are a big help for saving time because they allow you to schedule your posts in advance. Imagine setting aside one hour a week and scheduling all of your week’s posts in one sitting. Using tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer can allow you to post to multiple social media networks simultaneously. Another time-saving benefit of these social media tools is that you can monitor your accounts easily because it’s all from one dashboard.

Also, check out the native scheduler inside Facebook if you manage a Facebook page. You can schedule your Facebook posts up to six months in advance. It’s another great tool for “setting it and forgetting it.”

#3: Set a schedule and use a timer

One of the best time management tasks is to appoint designated time for your marketing. Not only do you want to appoint the time, but you need to assign how much time you want to devote to that task. For example, let’s say you want to spend two hours each work week on social media marketing. You can then go to your calendar and block off 15-minute intervals for social media. Hold this time as sacred – just like you would a doctor’s appointment or client meeting.

Take this one step further and use a timer to help you stay on task. If you have allotted 15 minutes every morning for social media, use a kitchen timer (or even the timer on your smartphone) so that it goes off when your 15 minutes is up. Commit to ending your task when the alarm goes off.

#4: Measure results

It may seem counterintuitive to add a task to help you save time, but measuring your social media results is key to managing your time. Most social media sites have an analytics dashboard that you can use to see how your social media is working. Social media automation tools, such as Hootsuite, have analytics too. Take a few minutes to see how your posts are doing. Are the times you are posting reaching the most people? What types of posts garner the highest engagement? Are you attracting more followers (or losing them)? With this intelligence, you can make smarter decisions about your social media marketing, which will save you time with your future marketing efforts.

Social media does not have to be a time waster, and there are ways to use social media more efficiently for your schedule. Implement the four tips in this article to help you save time while using social media for marketing your personal brand and company. The more intelligently you are using social media, the better results you will see from your efforts.

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