The Unfinished Marketing Project Syndrome

Do you suffer from “The Unfinished Marketing Project Syndrome”? 

That’s when you have started a project to market your business –  but never finish it. And then you move on the the next project without finishing the ones you have started.

Oh yes, you are not alone! Even “yours truly” has the same problem. =)

Check out this week’s marketing strategy where I challenge you to tackle your list of marketing projects – and why you need to get these projects DONE!

The Unfinished Marketing Project Syndrome by Jill Celeste,



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Finish your current marketing project before moving on to the next one. - Jill Celeste,


Hi everyone, it’s Jill Celeste from the Celestial Marketing Academy and, where I teach purpose driven entrepreneurs all they need to know about marketing so they can become the directors of marketing for their business. I want to read to you something today. Ready? It’s a list. Affiliate program, books to professional organizations, a new lead magnet called the Director of Marketing Starter Kit, and my book Marketing Divinity.

Now, you may be wondering, “That’s a great list, Jill, of marketing ideas. Thanks.” What is this list really? This is a list of projects that I have started but have not finished. Yes, even I have that syndrome of unfinished products. Especially as it relates to marketing, it can become quite detrimental to your business, because by not implementing these tactics, I am missing out with connecting with my ideal clients and I am not serving in a bigger way.

I am making a plan to do something with each of these items over the next quarter so that I can actually get these items off my list. Here’s the thing. About 80% of the project is done, it’s that final 20% that I need to just get in there and finish so that I can [inaudible 00:01:20] this out into the world. Let me ask you, do you have unfinished marketing projects? Well if you do, you’re normal. Most of us do, but here’s where successful entrepreneurs make the difference: they finish the project. I’m making a pledge to finish these projects over the next three months, and I want you to do the same.

I would love for you to make a list of marketing related or business development related projects that you have started and have not finished, and make a list of those items. Assess and make sure those are items that you need to finish. I know sometimes we don’t finish something because as we get into it we realize, “Oh, this isn’t going to give me the results I’m looking for.” That’s fine, abandon it. For those projects that really, you know will move your marketing forward, will help you connect with your ideal clients, will help grow your business, get those on paper and make a plan for finishing them, and don’t start a new project until everything off your unfinished project list is done.

This is so important for us as entrepreneurs to finish what we start, because that is how we grow our business. That’s how we enjoy successful marketing. That’s your assignment for this week, it’s my assignment as well. Make that list of unfinished projects. Assess what still needs to be on there. Then make a plan for how you’re going to finish it. Trust me, this is what directors of marketing do, and this is how you move the needle on marketing for success.

If you have any other marketing questions, come on over to my website at There’s tons of articles there, information about the Celestial Marketing Academy, and how to get on the phone with me for a get acquainted call. I would love to talk to you about your marketing needs. Until next time, here’s to your marketing success. I wish you well. Have a great day. Bye.

Jill Celeste - Marketing CoachABOUT JILL

Jill Celeste, MA is a bestselling author, marketing teacher and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy. Jill teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs everything they need to know about marketing so they can become the Directors of Marketing for their businesses.

Jill is the author of the Amazon Top 25 Bestselling Marketing Book, That First Client, as well as the co-author of the bestseller, Cultivating Joy, and international bestseller, Gratitude and Grace.

Jill graduated with a B.A. in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. She obtained her master’s degree in history from the State University of Georgia in Carrollton. Prior to becoming a marketing coach, Jill worked for 14 years in the private sector, and has experience in marketing and public relations in healthcare, IT and small business.

Jill lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, two sons, three guinea pigs and a basset hound named Emma.

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