Vacation Time And Your Marketing

Your bags are packed, your passport is ready…you are going on a much-needed vacation!

But wait! What about your marketing? What do you do about marketing your business while you’re away?

Should you work? Should you forget it? What happens if you don’t market while you’re on vacation? Will your business suffer?

So many questions – no wonder entrepreneurs are afraid to take vacations!

If you are concerned about what to do with your marketing while you’re on vacation, this is the marketing strategy for you.

Vacation time and your marketing by Jill Celeste,



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Every entrepreneur deserves a vacation. - Jill Celeste,


You have a dream vacation planned with the perfect destination, new clothes packed, and a pet sitter for your four-legged friend.

But there’s a niggly thought in the back of your head:

“I know I always need to be marketing, but does that include during vacation time too?”

Please listen to me, dear entrepreneur. You need this vacation! So, check out these tips on how to prepare your marketing for vacation time. With some planning and automation, you can enjoy your vacation while your marketing does the work for you.

#1: To post or not to post on social media

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you want to keep up your social media posts while you’re on vacation. Here are some options to consider:

  • Schedule your social media posts before you leave.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to post on their behalf.
  • Take advantage of vacation photos and post them periodically during your holiday.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with letting your social media go dormant while you are away. Mention to your fans and followers that you will be taking a “social media holiday” and then resume posting when you return.

#2: What to do with your blog while on vacation

Just like with social media, you can schedule blog posts to publish while you are away. Another idea is to publish a guest post during your absence. Give your guest blogger a temporary log-in to your software so he or she can post and respond to comments. This will keep your blog current, while increasing your readership to include those who follow your guest blogger (plus, your guest blogger can promote in his social media channels, and you can follow up when you return).

Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking time away from blogging as well. Find the solution that works best for you.

#3: Should you send an e-newsletter while you’re away?

Much like your social media accounts and blog, you have an important decision to make about your e-newsletter. You can write it prior to your departure and schedule it to go while you’re away. Or you can email your subscribers before you leave to let them know you’re on holiday and will resume the e-newsletter when you return.

It’s up to you! Think about what feels right in your heart and go with that solution.

#4: Maintaining your privacy and security

It’s important to make some decisions about how much you are willing to share about your vacation plans. You have probably heard news stories about thieves looking on social media to find houses to rob while their occupants are on vacation. You also want to consider your privacy during your vacation.

Make a decision prior to your holiday about whether you want to reveal what hotel you are staying at, or what restaurants you will eat at. One tip is to post vacation photos after you get home. That gives you a way to share with your fans and followers about your vacation while maintaining your privacy.

Taking a vacation is vital for your mental health, but you will need to plan how you want to handle your blog, e-newsletter, and social media while you’re away. Make sure to decide what you will tell your tribe. Keep your privacy and security in mind, but relax and enjoy this time. Your marketing can benefit from the “time off” – and you’ll find that you have more vigor and energy to market your business once you return home.


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7 thoughts on “Vacation Time And Your Marketing

  1. Leila

    Awww thank you Jill. Very helpful tips.
    And I love the options open to us and most importantly the security and privacy aspect. As much as we want our fan base to be part of our lives, we also know there are predators looking for who to hack.

  2. Rachel

    Excellent tips Jill, I usually take time off from my regular marketing and post when I feel like it about healthy practices while on vacation to inspire my tribe and keep me inspired too. I love staying in touch even on vacation but I do it in a different way 🙂

  3. Barb Parcells

    I almost feel guilty saying this, but since I am officially retired from the “normal” world, I am always on vacation since I only do what I love! Seriously, I really needed to hear what you had to say on this. Thanks.

  4. Crystal

    Jill this is very timely for me as I will be off grid Friday-Monday and I was torn with primarily my facebook group that I just started. Thank you for sharing your wisdom today!

  5. Meghan Humlie

    Thank you for this. I am not taking significant vacation time this year, but know that I will. Your tips are great for those taking vacations, and I assume for those who are traveling and away from their usual routine for whatever reason. It is so important to remember that self-care is a vital business practice.

  6. Kelley Grimes

    I really appreciate the permission to just take time off if that is what is needed Jill as well as the strategies to communicate directly about taking a social media holiday or scheduling things before we leave to continue marketing even on vacation. Thank you so much!


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