What To Email Before An Introductory Sales Call

You have someone interested in your products and services, and she wants to speak to you on the phone to learn more about them.

Gulp. Now what do you do?

Take a big breath. This is an exciting time because you get to speak to your potential client about working with you – and to see if you are a good fit for each other. You are about to embark on an introductory sales call.

Believe it or not, your sales prospect’s “job” isn’t done after she schedules a sales call with you. As soon as the appointment is on your calendars, it’s time for you to send her an email with important details to prepare for your call.

So, let’s check out what you should email your sales prospect before your sales call:

#1: Your pre-call questionnaire

Example of a pre-call questionnaireBefore you speak on the phone with your sales prospect, have her answer a few questions through a short pre-call questionnaire. You can create this questionnaire through SurveyMonkey.com or a similar tool, or you can just type the questions in the email and ask that she email her responses to you.

Be firm that you need her responses back at least 24 hours before your scheduled call. This shows her level of commitment to getting the help she needs, plus you’ll have time to evaluate her responses.

Try to keep the questionnaire as short as possible. My pre-call questionnaire is only five questions. It’s not an intake form – it’s just a way to see what she needs and if you can help.

Here are the questions I ask on my pre-call questionnaire (to inspire your own questions):

  • First name, last name and email
  • Please explain your current business. Why do you do? Services? Typical clients?
  • What are you currently doing to market your business?
  • What obstacles, challenges and struggles do you regularly come up against?
  • What would you like to see happening 12 months from today (realistic goals, but a bit of a stretch)?

#2: Email testimonials

Also, you want the sales prospect to see your client results before your call. So, collect any testimonials you have received and put them on your website. That way, you can email a link to your Testimonials page to your sales prospect.

Don’t have any testimonials yet? No worries – use your LinkedIn recommendations or online reviews left for your business. If you’ve done work for clients without charging them, contact them to get testimonials.

As you get more clients, you’ll get more testimonials, and you can add them to your Testimonials page to share with future sales prospects.

#3: Your programs

You also want your sales prospect to have an idea about your programs before you speak. That’s why you want to send her your list of programs. This can be a PDF attachment on your email, or you can refer her to a page on your website.

This is not the time to divulge the prices on your programs, though. You are only sending her the details of your programs, such as the materials she will receive or the amount of one-on-one coaching she gets. Save the pricing for the phone call.

Now that you know the three elements to include in your email to your sales prospect, draft the email now. Save it so you can retrieve it for when the next person schedules an Introductory Sales Call. Even better, use your email marketing provider, such as Infusionsoft or Ontraport, to automate this email process.

What To Email Before An Introductory Sales Call

The Introductory Sales Call is a two-way street – an opportunity not just for your sales prospect to learn more about you, but a way for you to determine if this is the right client for you. If your sales prospect does her homework before the call, you know she’s serious about getting the help she needs (which usually translates to an ideal client for you).

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