Who Are Your Faith Keepers?

Who are your Faith Keepers? by Jill CelesteAre you surrounded by faith keepers?

Faith keepers are your innermost circle of friends (and maybe family) who help you stay in faith, remind you of your purpose, and keep your flame going on days when things feel bleak.

They are your biggest business supporters, cheerleaders, and brand advocates.

And every female entrepreneur needs them.

You see, when you are surrounded by loving, like-minded faith keepers, you will always have a band of supporters. You need people who have your back, understand what it’s like to be on this entrepreneurial journey, and know you’re a freak and love you anyway.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will talk about finding your faith keepers. And if you already have faith keepers, use this blog post as a reminder to thank, cherish, and honor them. Let’s get started.



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Blessed are the faith keepers in all our lives and in our world. - Maria Shriver


I recently finished Maria Shriver’s book, I’ve Been Thinking, and one chapter jumped out at me. She titled the chapter “Faith Keepers,” and here’s what Maria says:

“One of my girlfriends refers to my other girlfriends as ‘faith keepers.’ It’s such a beautiful way to put it, and it’s so true. My girlfriends keep the faith for me when I can’t find it within myself. And I do it for them. And that’s what we all need.” (page 107)

As I read this passage, I nodded my head in agreement and immediately thought of my “faith keepers” – the wonderful women in my mastermind group.

Every month, Carrie, Clare, Debby, Jen, Nicole, and I meet through Zoom for a two-hour business mastermind. We live all around the world, so we have to meet virtually, but you can feel the love through Zoom technology (trust me).

We also have a Facebook Group where we celebrate our wins, vent our frustrations, ask for help, and give advice.

And while it’s a business mastermind, we share our personal stories, troubles, and wishes, too.

I can’t tell you how many times these women have reminded me to stay in faith, encouraged me to lean deeper into my purpose, and nudged me to take up more space in this world.

My heart fills with gratitude just thinking about this merry (and a little crazy) band of faith keepers!

On the flip side, as a marketing teacher, I know my clients need faith keepers too, which is why I started The Celestial Circle. At the risk of bragging, I know one of my strengths is gathering like-minded female entrepreneurs. I am like a beacon, shining my Light that says “come here” to women who need this type of support.

And when they find The Celestial Circle, I can feel the relief being lifted from their shoulders. They have found their community, their faith keepers. They are not alone or misunderstood on this entrepreneurial journey anymore.

Dear female entrepreneur, it’s time to find your faith keepers. It’s time to surround yourself in their loving embrace. Your marketing will blossom. Your business will flourish. Your mindset will soar.

As Maria put it: “Go out and find your faith keepers. Tell them that’s who they are, and acknowledge what they do for you.” (page 108)

And to my faith keepers, I love you. Thank you for your love, faith, and belief in me. I couldn’t do this without you. I am eternally grateful for each of you.

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