2018 Planning Day Course

Mid-Year Planning Day Course by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com/planning

Imagine having your marketing activities completely planned out for the rest of 2018. Would you feel more confident? Would you see better results from your marketing?

I bet you would!

You don’t have to do this alone. I’ve created the Mid-Year Planning Day Course to help you get the rest of 2018 figured out – confidently and strategically. 

Mid-Year Planning Day Course With Jill Celeste

When: Thursday, June 14, 11am-3pm Eastern

Where: From your home or office – all you need is an Internet connection!

What do I need: I will supply all materials you will need. I do recommend you have a 2018 calendar with you (but I’ll send you one too!).

Homework: When you register for the Mid-Year Planning Course, you will receive some homework that needs to be completed by  June 14. This homework will be explained in your confirmation email.

Recording: The Mid-Year Planning Day will be recorded, and the recording link will be sent to you 24 hours after the event. If you can’t make the Planning Day live, you can watch the replay at your own pace.

What’s My Investment?

Pay $99 for the Planning Day


Praise For Past Planning Day Events

Hanne Broter

Hanne Brøter

“I had some real aha-moments sorting out my priorities for next year.”

I signed up for the 2018 Planning Day with Jill Celeste because I needed help to plan ahead for the next year with a clear mind and no stress. Jill always provides the most friendly and stressless environments in her coaching and planning sessions. 

I achieved great results from the Planning Day and had some real aha-moments sorting out my priorities for next year.  I gained clarity on my goals and my marketing, and I am looking forward to executing them and seeing great things come to life in 2018.  Thank you, Jill!!

  • Hanne Brøter, Your Brand Vision
Deborah Kevin

Deborah Kevin

“Having my next year planned feels incredible!”

I’ve worked with Jill for the past couple of years, honing my marketing directors skills. She’s a thoughtful mentor who holds me accountable! When she offered a half-day guided planning session to get my 2018 marketing tasks identified and scheduled, I committed to it immediately. Why? Because Jill’s commitment to my success has been unwavering. Her attention to detail coupled with the encouragement she provides is a true gift to me and all her tribe.

Having my next year planned feels incredible! I can delegate tasks and integrate marketing into my day-to-day activities. Plus, Jill is really fun.

  • Deborah Kevin, DeborahKevin.com

“There will be no second-guessing my marketing this year.”

Nicole Meltzer

Nicole Meltzer

I have a lot of big plans for my business in 2018. I love the creative process and bringing these products to my tribe, but I find the marketing piece a challenge! How much do I do? What do I do? When do I do it?  These questions have caused me to pause and hold myself back from implementing fully in the past.

So when Jill offered the 2018 Planning Day, I knew I needed to sign up right away!  Jill has the ability to help make all the jumbled ideas I have rolling around in my head come together into a cohesive and do-able plan.  It was through the questions she asked and the exercises she took us through, that I was able to make a plan I know I can follow.  There will be no second-guessing my marketing this year.  I won’t have another morning where I sit down at the computer and wonder what I should do to move my business forward.  The plan is there for me!  Thank you Jill!

  • Nicole Meltzer, BalancedU.ca

A Personal Note From Jill ♥

Dear Celestial One,

It’s the middle of the year, and you’re in one of three predicaments:

  1. You created a marketing plan at the beginning of 2018, but you haven’t really been following it. In fact, it may have been collecting dust.
  2. You never planned your marketing in 2018 – even though you knew you should.
  3. You have been following your 2018 marketing plan, but now that a few months have passed, it needs a tune up. Things have changed.

Furthermore, now that we’re in the middle of 2018, and you may be feeling…

  • At a loss on what to do to grow your business
  • Distracted by “shiny objects” and marketing “flavors of the month”
  • Desperate to try things, often implementing haphazardly
  • Uncertain on what to implement to reach your goals

I don’t want you to feel at a loss, or distracted, or desperate, or uncertain – especially because it’s 100 percent possible to feel the opposite!

That’s why I want you to enroll in the Mid-Year Planning Day Course. Let’s work together to find the right, strategic marketing activities for the rest of 2018. You’ll feel so much better with a plan.

In fact, you can conquer the rest of 2018 – you just need the plan and mentor to guide you. I would be honored to help.

Rooting for you,
Jill xoxo

Pay $99 for the Planning Day