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Usually, when I release my new blog post for the week, I have a video to go with it.

However, this week, I am foregoing the video because I think this post is so important that I need you to read it (not listen to it). I hope you’ll hang with me here.

You need to build a tribe

I often tell my clients, students and workshop participants that it’s essential to work on building a tribe through your online marketing (especially social media).

Here’s the definition of a tribe that I like, compliments of Seth Godin: Your tribe is a group of people connected to you, to an idea and to each other.


Taking this one step further, social media fans are tribe members who care deeply about you and your work, and they connect with other fans to amplify your work.

In other words, your tribe is a group of people who are loyal to you, who believe in your work, who tell others about you and who purchase from you. Some people may refer to a tribe as a community or even a brand ambassador. The title doesn’t matter; it’s what the tribe does that’s important.

Here’s what I believe the most: If you have a tribe, you’ll always be profitable.

So build your tribe, okay?

How can you build a tribe

Now, let’s talk about how you can do this online. In every interaction, you should focus on building and strengthening your tribe. That means every Facebook post, every blog article and every tweet should somehow enhance the relationship with your tribe.

How can you do this?  It’s simple: Write like you speak.

Write Like You Speak

Trust me when I say that I’ve seen entrepreneurs stumble over this more than once. And it’s easy to see how this happens. You want to put your best foot forward by making a great impression. You hope to sound intelligent, knowledgeable and educated. Perhaps you come from an industry that has its own language (Healthcare peeps, I am looking at you).

So, you write a Facebook post or blog article, and try to cram your knowledge and lesson into it. And what you end up writing is something stiff, pedantic and artificial. You didn’t write like you speak. You wrote like a disconnected robot – albeit one with good intentions.

It’s time to write like you speak

I have a challenge for you. The next time you want to post something on social media or write a blog post, ask yourself these three questions before posting:

  • Will this enhance my relationship with my social media fans?
  • Does this sound like something that would come out of my mouth?
  • Did I write like I speak?

If your post can pass this test, you have a good post – one that will help you build your tribe. If you answered no to any of these questions, try to revise your post, or maybe scrap it all together. At the end of the day, if what you’re about to post doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s shit. And it won’t do you any good to post it.

Here’s what I know for sure: If you want to build a tribe, you need to be authentic. Sure, you have to know your crap and be nice and post regularly, but if you’re not authentic with your online interactions, none of the other stuff will matter. When you write like you speak, you are being authentic. Try it. I promise you’ll see a difference (and you’ll feel great too).

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1 thought on “Write Like You Speak

  1. Peggy

    After spending the last 18 months or so (maybe a bit longer) learning new things, including all the hack formulas, I discovered that I lost “me,” and my voice. Did I want people to click or connect? I’m all about the connection. Yesterday, someone left me this comment on one of my poems, “I love all of your posts.. And of course I love your face book posts too… I am so happy I found you…” And all because I’ve gone back to my tribe…and thank God they allow me to stray sometimes 🙂


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