You Don’t Have To Sell Your Soul To Market Your Business

I recently opted in to receive a free book from a noted marketing expert*.

I love a good book, but I was equally curious about how this marketer would leverage his book to market to me.

You Don’t Have To Sell Your Soul To Market Your Business

Here’s what happened:

  • I completed the opt-in page for the book and clicked through to get the accompanying free training.
  • I was taken to a webpage where I listened to a sales video about a $300 product.
  • I wasn’t interested. To get to my free training, I had to click a button that read “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now.”
  • Then a new page appeared, where I was pitched the same product again – this time with a payment plan.
  • I declined again.
  • I was then shown another video on a completely different product – with a two-part payment plan. I still wasn’t interested and declined again (yes, still clicking the “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now” button).
  • Finally, I reached the last screen where I could access the free training I was promised with the book.

I was so exhausted and annoyed after being pitched to three times, I decided to not watch the free training video.

Was this marketer done? Not by a long shot.

Immediately after opting into his book, I received an email from this marketer, reminding me to take advantage of the free training.

To be honest, I was so turned off by the sales pitches that I didn’t even want his book anymore. But I reminded myself why I was here – to see how a master marketer promotes his services – so I sat back and got ready to learn.

12 emails later, I am still being “persuaded” to sign up for his free training. Most of the emails were the same exact copy – just with different subject lines – including one that said there was a problem with my book order.

There wasn’t a problem with my book order – it was just problematic, I guess, that I hadn’t watched this “free” training.

After the barrage of emails and sales pitches, I felt gross. I felt sold to – even though the book and training were “free.”

And I asked myself: At what point in this marketing expert’s career did he feel like he had to sell his soul to get someone to purchase from him?

Doctor Faustus Marketing

Witnessing this marketer’s campaign reminded me of the play, The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe.

In the play, Doctor Faustus grows bored of his studies in law, logic, science and theology. Instead, he wants to learn Magic. So, he makes a deal with Lucifer (the Devil). Faustus can live 24 more years, during which time he’ll learn about Magic while being attended to by Lucifer’s servant, Mephistopheles. Once the 24 years are up, Doctor Faustus will go to Hell and live there eternally.

Nutshell: Doctor Faustus traded his soul to learn Magic.

Doctor Faustus play by Christopher Marlowe

However, Doctor Faustus didn’t use Magic for good. By the time his 24 years were up, he wasn’t any more successful or happy in his life. In essence, he squandered those 24 years, his learning and his entire life for a conceited pursuit.

What’s the lesson here, Celestial One?

Don’t be a Doctor Faustus when it comes to your marketing. You don’t have to sell your soul to learn “Marketing Magic.”


Because the Marketing Magic that is being taught (and used) by many marketing experts is not grounded in authenticity, love or light.

And if you are a Lightworker or a purpose-driven entrepreneur, Marketing Magic will make you feel icky and out of alignment.

Think about it this way: Would you ever be comfortable implementing three upsells at the end of a free gift offer, or sending 10+ emails in an autoresponder series, asking someone to take advantage of “free” training?

Hell no.

Don’t feel like that’s how you should market your business. Because you don’t. There is a better way.

Here’s how marketing should feel

My mentor Fabienne Fredrickson says that marketing is a divine tool, and I couldn’t agree with her more. I call this philosophy “Marketing Divinity”, and it’s based upon this definition:

Marketing is an expression of how your gifts can help the people you are meant to serve

Marketing is an expression of how your gifts can help the people you are meant to serve. It’s about the message, it’s about your ideal clients and it’s about how you are here to help.

It should feel authentic, heart-centered, loving and genuine. It should feel like you.

So, as you study more about marketing, give yourself permission to question the experts to make sure you are aligned with the philosophy they are teaching.

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself: Is it “Marketing Magic” or “Marketing Divinity”?

  • If it’s Marketing Magic, then turn away. It’s not for you or your Light.
  • If it’s Marketing Divinity, then embrace it. You’ve found your marketing home.
*The person I referenced at the beginning of this blog post is neither the Devil nor has he made an actual pact with the Devil. Though I have never met this person, I am sure he’s a nice fellow.

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8 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Sell Your Soul To Market Your Business

  1. Peggy

    I love you Jill and your post. I think the marketing magic is what turned me off of so much. SO MUCH. So I opted out of just about everything and went back to doing what feels right in my bones. Even as a writer, I’m marketing on some level and darn tootin’ straight, it’s Divine Marketing. it’s content. Good content. Pure and simple. And free. 🙂

  2. Reba Linker

    I love this post, and I cringed along with you when you described that modern day Dr. Faustus’s ceaseless sales pitches to you! Yuck! I’ve been there, too. (And how about that “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now” button? Mega yuck and mega manipulation! I LOVE this:
    “If it’s Marketing Magic, then turn away. It’s not for you or your Light.
    If it’s Marketing Divinity, then embrace it. You’ve found your marketing home.”
    The words we use are so important and I will surely adopt the term “Marketing Divinity!”
    Brava, Jill!

  3. Lisa Hutchison

    I laughed when I saw that comment click “No, I am not interested in getting more clients now,” because I recently encountered that with a serious eye roll on my part. Authentic folks, like me, are turned off by any type of manipulation in marketing. Relationships and trust are the real deal, thanks for your post Jill.

  4. Kat Tozier

    Fantastic post, Jill! I. too, often sign up for things just to study others’ strategies and I’ve gotten fed up more than once. Thanks for being vocal about the idea we don’t have to be sleazy in how we talk to people about what we do!

  5. Pamela Thompson

    Hi Jill, I so related to your negative experience with tons of upsells. I love the quote “Marketing is the expression of how your gifts can help the people you are meant to serve.” How cleverly you made the distinction between “Marketing Divinity” and “Marketing Magic”. … Congrats on your book! Warmly, Pam

  6. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    I do the same thing on a regular basis, Jill, to see what the follow-up will be, and to feel — in my brain and in my heart — my reaction to that follow-up. I too have been appalled by amount of hard upsells. And end up unsub-ing. I learn what to do, I learn viscerally what works for me, and I most emphatically what not to do!!

    Great post, great pix. Pinned the two engraving to my “must-reads” board.


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