You Have No Control Over Your Marketing Results by Jill Celeste

You Have No Control Over Your Marketing Results

You Have No Control Over Your Marketing Results by Jill CelesteI know this may sting, but it’s got to be said: You have no control over your marketing results.

This is a bitter pill to swallow because marketing results represent so many things for us – cash flow, serving clients, fulfilling our purpose, and feelings of success.

It feels unnerving to know we don’t have control over something that’s important to our livelihood and mindset.

If we can’t control it, how do we become a success? How do we help people? How do we get compensated for our Divine Gifts?

In this week’s marketing strategy, let’s unravel from the results-oriented mindset and find out what we can control in our marketing process. If you can get a handle on this mindset pivot, you will feel so much better about your marketing (and see better results!).



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Feeling good about your marketing is how you attract positive marketing results. - Jill Celeste



Right now, please take out a sheet of paper and write down what you have control over in the marketing process. Be truthful here.

Here’s what I would write on my list:

  1. Making a marketing plan
  2. Knowing who my ideal client is
  3. Writing compelling marketing messages to attract my ideal client
  4. Implementing my marketing plan to the best of my ability.
  5. Staying in a positive mindset – no matter what happens.

You’ll notice that I didn’t write down statements such as “Six people buying my program,” or “Making $10,000 in revenue.” Why? Because I have no control over how many people buy a program, or how much money I will make.

We can’t force people to buy our programs, or open our emails, or comment on our Facebook posts. Our ideal clients have free will, after all.

So, when we try so hard to control marketing results, we are spinning our wheels and wasting time. And what does that lead to? A poor mindset!

(And a poor mindset results in less clients, less money, less fulfillment, and so on.)

What marketing results can we control?

When you think about what you can control in the marketing process, it comes down to these things:

  • Your emotions about marketing (being happy about marketing)
  • Your thoughts about marketing (marketing is awesome)
  • Your marketing execution (implementing your marketing activities)

I like to call these “putting the odds in your favor.” When you feel good about marketing, see marketing as a Divine act, and do the actual marketing, you are putting the odds in your favor. This means you’re putting your ducks in a row to get the best results possible.

The results? This is where you must detach from the outcome and leave it to The Universe.

Easier said than done, I know! It will take practice and work, but if you can master this mindset pivot, imagine how great you’ll feel about your marketing.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, feeling good about your marketing is how you attract positive marketing results. Like attracts like, right?

Use this mindset flow

The next time you are marketing a product or service, follow this mindset flow:

  • Think positive thoughts about your marketing
  • Express positive emotions about marketing
  • Brainstorm marketing activities that you enjoy implementing and will attract your ideal clients
  • Get marketing, loudly and unapologetically
  • Detach from the outcome, leaving the results to The Universe

I wish you so much success in your marketing!

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