You Must Increase Your Visibility

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

The recipe has many vital ingredients, but not one ingredient is more vital than being visible in the marketplace. Visibility means people see and hear you. The more people see and hear you, the more opportunities, clients and income you will have.

If you are feeling “the pinch” in your business, it’s time to increase your visibility. And, if you never want feel “the pinch” in your business again, you must work on increasing your visibility all the time.

So, how does one increase her visibility? I’ve outlined four effective visibility tactics in this week’s marketing strategy.

Remember, it’s not a “one-and-done” strategy. You must implement these tactics consistently to get the visibility you need for success.

You Must Increase Your Visibility

#1: Deliver speeches and presentations

Networking groups, conferences, workshops and your local Chamber are always looking for speakers for their events. The first step is to craft a signature speech – something you want to be known for. When you write your signature speech and prepare the PowerPoint presentation in advance, you will be more confident about approaching organizations for speaking opportunities.

Try to secure at least two speaking opportunities a month. As you get more presentations under your belt, your reputation as a speaker will start to precede you. Eventually, you will be able to charge groups for speaking, which will increase your visibility even more.

#2: Write articles

Writing articles for other websites, blogs and publications is a great way to increase your visibility. Research a list of third-party resources that you would like to write for. Many “big name” websites will have contributor guidelines posted on their site, but for smaller ones, write their editor and ask how you can submit your article idea.

If you have never published before, take time to get your blog going, and approach some of the smaller website and blogs. Once you have a few of these under your belt, approach the larger websites. They will want to see evidence of your work, and you’ll be able to link to these other articles and blog posts.

Once your article is posted, make sure to include the publication’s logo on your “As Seen In” box on your homepage. This offers social proof of your expertise, especially if you appear in a widely known publication, such as Entrepreneur or Fortune.

#3: Conduct media interviews

Getting an interview with a reporter is not just for the big brands! Local reporters prefer to have accessible resources close to home.

An important tip to remember is that you need to build a relationship with a reporter before you can pitch a story to him. Research who is writing news articles related to your industry. Most reporters have a Twitter account, so start there. Retweet articles and be authentic, and over time, you’ll build a connection.

#4: Attend networking meetings and conferences

Visibility means lots of eyes and ears tuned into you. Often, you accomplish this by being in the spotlight, but other times, you need to be part of the crowd. Think of it as covering the field from two directions. That’s why networking is an essential part of increasing your visibility.

Your networking strategy should include at least one weekly meeting, several monthly meetings and conferences throughout the year. You want to be a fixture at the networking groups you belong to. However, you need to venture out beyond your regular groups too. Go to a networking meeting in a nearby city. If you belong to a large networking organization – where they have multiple meetings in different places – attend at an alternate meeting location. Constantly plant seeds about who you are as you network.

The more people see and hear you, the more opportunities, clients and income you will have.

Achieving higher visibility takes work, but it pays off over and over again if you dedicate a portion of your marketing strategy to it. If visibility is an important part of your business growth, make it a priority as you decide how to market yourself. You will want to implement all four tips in this blog post for maximum effect. The more you work at your visibility, the more you will be rewarded with a positive reputation, more ideal clients and increased income.

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