You Need To Email Your Tribe

When I opened my coaching practice in April 2013, one of my first goals was to start building my email list. My first weekly ezine went out to 13 people that May – just 13!

Since that time, I have steadily grown my list to thousands of people by connecting with them through webinars, free offers, events and networking.

As my list was growing, though, I became hesitant to email my subscribers when I had an offer to share. If I hosted a webinar, I might send out one email a few days before. If I had a special offer, I might squeak out two emails to remind people to purchase it.

I was not using my list like I should have been because I didn’t want to tick off my email subscribers with frequent emails.

You Need To Email Your Tribe

What was the result of this timid approach? Significantly less webinar registrants and almost zero sales on my offers! In fact, I had several people (who are on my list!) lament to me: “Wow, if I had known, I would have signed up!”

Then, two things happened. First, my business coach told me to stop worrying about ticking off my email subscribers. If people are not interested in my stuff, you want them to unsubscribe (something I now call “shaking my email list”). Second, I read Launch by Jeff Walker, who reminded me that people are natural procrastinators and need constant email reminders.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen lots of people make the mistake of letting up [on sending emails] on the last day [of their launch]…Don’t make that mistake. You need to send more than one email on closing day. Trust me….doing so makes a big difference.” Jeff Walker, Launch (page 108)

Based on these two pieces of advice, I have changed my attitude and philosophy about emailing my list, and make sure I do so consistently when I have something to offer them.

Do I lose subscribers in the process? Yes, I do. However, if they choose to leave my list, that’s okay. It just means were not meant to work together at this time.

Your tribe wants to hear from youSo, I encourage you to think about your email list as not a list of people who want to sometimes hear from you.

Think of it as a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer, and you are doing them a favor by letting them know about your offerings.

Also remember that while your subscribers may love you, many of them are natural procrastinators, and you have to remind them with frequent emails so they don’t miss out.

When you change your mindset about emailing your list, you will see big changes in your business. For me, I saw more people registering for my webinars and events, and I have more people purchasing my special offers.

You should treat each email subscriber with respect and integrity, but use your list for what it’s intended for: To let people know about how you can help them with your unique gifts.

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