The #1 Trick To Writing Compelling Marketing Copy

The #1 Trick To Writing Compelling Marketing CopyHave you ever sent out an email to your subscribers about a new offer and not get one response? Or perhaps you have posted about your products or services on Facebook, but no one even liked your post.

Why aren’t people responding to your marketing? More than likely, it’s because you are focusing on the features of your product – and not how it helps your customers. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn this around!

To help you get in the right state of mind for features vs. benefits writing, I recommend creating a simple grid. The left column should be labeled “feature,” and the right column should be labeled “benefit.”  The idea is for every feature you list, you explain the benefit of this feature for your customer.

Let’s say you are a marketing coach, and you are putting together a new program for your clients. Here’s an example of the features and benefits you could list:



Word template of marketing plan You won’t have to fumble with how to start your marketing plan. Just fire up Microsoft Word and get typing – an instant timesaver!
30-minute coaching call Laser-focused call where you can get your top questions answered by an expert, which will save you time and effort
Facebook group Share your insights and ask questions in a private group filled with people who are on the same journey as you. You’ll learn not only from the questions you ask, but from the questions of your fellow group members.

Now that you have a list of the benefits for the features of your new marketing program, you can create compelling marketing copy, such as the following:

    • Save time with my Marketing Plan Word template. Just fire up Microsoft Word and start typing your marketing plan instantly!
    • Get the answers to your top marketing questions quickly through my laser-focused 30-minute coaching call.
    • Learn from fellow entrepreneurs through the private Facebook group, where you can answer your questions in a safe forum.

Do you see how these sentences are more compelling? When you are focusing on the results of your program, it speaks more to the reader. The potential client can see perfectly how this program will benefit him.

It’s important to remember that people often don’t care about the process – they just care about the results! When you focus your marketing copy on explaining the results of working with you, it will attract more clients to your business. There’s an adage that says “Sell the hole, not the drill.” Remember to always be selling the “hole” (benefits) of your programs and services, and you’ll find more customers responding positively to your marketing efforts.


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  1. Christine

    Great tips as always! Its terrible when you share a program and there is no response. Will definitely take your strategy and focus on benefits vs features


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