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Using Your Marketing Platform For Social Good by Jill Celeste

Using Your Marketing Platform For Social Good

Using Your Marketing Platform For Social Good by Jill CelesteNo matter the size, your marketing platform can not only be used to grow your business; it can also be used for social good.

I define “social good” as a charitable or civic cause that you align with, whose purpose is to make the world a better place. On a larger scale this could include organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Doctors Without Borders, to smaller groups such as your local food bank or home for runaway teens.

As a female entrepreneur, I bet you have causes you are passionate about, but you may not have considered how you can help your favorite causes through your marketing platforms.

You may also have been timid about mixing your business with your causes. What would your ideal clients think? Will it hurt your business?

We’ll tackle all of your questions in this week’s marketing strategy. My intention is to encourage you to use your marketing platform for social good – all as a way to shine your Light even brighter in this world. Let’s begin!


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Be A Better Community Member

Be A Better Community Member by Jill CelesteBeing a better community member may seem like it has nothing to do with your business, but I ask that you stick with me here.

In this week’s marketing strategy, we’ll talk about why it’s important to be a better community member (Hint: It has everything to do with your business!).

First, allow me to define what I mean by “community member.”

I am referring to online communities you belong to, specifically entrepreneurs you may follow on social media. If you’re like me, you soak up the wisdom of other entrepreneurs, especially those up the ladder from you.

We watch their videos, read their blog posts, get inspired by their social media posts – in other words, consuming all they have to offer.

But are we sharing their content? Buying from them? Leaving more than a “like” on their posts? 

Or are we just being content consumers…

Please keep reading. I’ll explain why we need to be better community members and how to do it.



I love to create graphics that enhance the learning in my weekly marketing strategies. Please feel free to share these on your social media! Continue reading

11 Quotes To Help You Feel More Abundant

11 Quotes To Help You Feel More Abundant by Jill CelesteFor your marketing to work, you must feel abundant and not come from a place of scarcity. It may seem strange to consider an abundance mindset from a marketing perspective, but yes, marketing and abundance go together!

When you feel abundant, you are more confident in what you’re marketing. You’re bolder with your marketing messages. You detach from the outcome. And you come from a place of service.

Oh yes, feeling more abundant has everything to do with marketing.

I get it, though. Some days don’t feel very abundant. A client might be late paying an invoice, or your car needs an unexpected repair. When you’re feeling less-than-abundant, it’s time to reach for inspiration.

That’s where today’s blog post comes in…

I have to admit: I am a bit obsessed with inspirational quotes about money, wealth, and abundance. I post about these themes all the time on my Instagram account.

I thought: What better to share with my tribe than 11 of my favorite abundance quotes?

I hope each quote makes you feel abundant – and eager to shine your light and change the world. Continue reading

9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur

Thi9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur by Jill Celestes week’s marketing strategy is a little different.

No video, no blog post – but something else that I think you need to hear.

I am getting an intuitive hit that you may be struggling with staying in faith. Meaning, your faith in your purpose and business is wavering. You may be wondering if you’re cut out for entrepreneurship. You may even be thinking about throwing in the towel.

If you’re feeling off kilter, it’s normal. It happens to all of us – no matter where you are in your business.

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who never quit, who pushed through and stayed in faith. That’s what you need to do too.

Like with anything in life (and business), it starts with your mindset. When your mindset is in the crapper, self-doubt creeps in – and that’s when you feel like shit about your business.

When my faith and self-belief are wavering, I like to be inspired, specifically through quotes penned by successful people. That’s why I have collected nine “stay in faith” quotes for this week’s marketing strategy.

My intention is that at least one of these quotes will resonate with you. I bet, though, that each one will help you in different ways.

We need entrepreneurs like you to not give up. To believe in yourself. To stay in faith. To shoulder through the rough patches. Our world is at an important crossroads, and it’s purpose-driven entrepreneurs, like you, who will help steer us in the right direction.

Stay in faith, dear entrepreneur. I am rooting for you. Let’s get you inspired with these nine quotes. Continue reading

My Personal Life Is A Hot Mess. Here’s How I Still Run My Business.

I’m going to own this: My personal life is a hot mess.

It never stops. Just as one crisis diminishes, the next one arrives. It’s like I’m standing waist deep in the ocean, waiting for the next wave to knock me off kilter.

Do you know what I mean?

My Personal Life Is a Hot Mess. Here's How I Still Run My Business. By Jill Celeste,

Personal crises

I now wear my personal crises as a badge of honor. My crises are part of who I am, and I have quite a list:

  • Dad got Alzheimer’s. We put him in a nursing home. He deteriorates in front of our eyes, finally dying in May 2016.
  • Mom got Parkinson’s. She struggled as a care provider for my dad, which caused tremendous depression. She became a victim of elder abuse, where her “care provider” swindled Mom of her life savings and is verbally abusive to her. She showed up on my doorstep in August 2015, begging me to let her stay.
  • Mom lived with us for six months. I’ll say this as kindly as I can: My mother is a trying woman. Living with her was not a picnic. I move her to an assisted living facility so she can get better care. To this day, she tells me I abandoned her.
  • My oldest son was failing high school. He dropped out in August 2016. He takes a year off. Then, he decides to go back to school for his senior year. He has a ton of credits to make up. Getting him through school is a full-time job – one I am grateful for – despite the stress.
  • Emma, my beloved basset hound, was stricken with cancer not once, but twice, in 2016.
  • My family had to move from our rental home, where we lived for years, and could not find a place until 10 days before our move-out date. (I did manifest a lovely home!)
  • My mother fell and broke her hip, requiring a partial hip replacement. She’s not a compliant patient. She’s fallen a dozen times since her surgery.

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