Do This To Be A Twitter Success

Do a quick Google search for Twitter tips, and you’ll find no shortage of ideas on how to get more Twitter followers, retweets and mentions. While many of these tips are effective, this one “trick” overshadows them all. Are you ready?

Do This To Be A Twitter Success

The number one way to have tremendous Twitter success is to have conversations on Twitter.

You can schedule hundreds of tweets, use dozens of hashtags and retweet someone’s content – but it won’t do you any good if you aren’t actively interacting on Twitter.

Twitter is all about conversations

Twitter is a conversational social media platform. Your success on Twitter relies on you using Twitter the way it was intended – as a way to talk to others.

Many entrepreneurs miss this important element of Twitter use, and then get frustrated when Twitter is not effectively marketing their businesses, or helping them attract new customers. Often, they will use an automation tool such as Hootsuite to schedule tweets (complete with hashtags). They’ll check their mentions and direct messages. Sometimes, they’ll retweet something they like. Their Twitter strategy is push, push and push.

However, not once are they conversing with another Twitter user. And that’s the sole reason why Twitter is not helping their marketing efforts.

How to start Twitter conversations

Here are some ideas to help you start conversations on Twitter:

  • When you retweet someone’s tweet, also send a tweet to that person with a comment about the content of his tweet. For example, @JoeDoe – that was a great article. I was looking for help with making graphics and this was perfect. When you send a personal reply, you are starting a conversation, and you’ll get the other user’s attention.
  • Find a Twitter chat relevant to your industry. Twitter chats are usually an hour long and moderated by a Twitter user, who will ask questions to the participants. Use the designated hashtag and tweet your ideas into the chat. And if you see someone else’s tweet that you agree or disagree with, share your thoughts. Be a regular participant in the Twitter chat, and you’ll make great connections.
  • Ask for help from the Twitterverse. Twitter is a great place to gain knowledge, if you just ask. Using an appropriate hashtag will get your question in front of the right people who can steer you in the right direction.

Do you see how having conversations is critical to your Twitter success? Having conversations pulls Twitter users to you. While you should continue posting content, using hashtags and retweeting others’ tweets, your strategy needs to include conversations. The more active you are, the more conversations you will have and the greater success you’ll experience on Twitter.

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  1. Tae

    Jill, Thanks for this informative video! I didn’t know about designated times for Twitter Chats! Where do we find their topics & times? I’m still a novice & learning all of this slowly. I do write back to thank people who RT one of my Tweets or try to quote something before I RT another person’s tweet (if room). It would be great to actually have conversations though! I’m sure you’re already planning it, but I’d love to see a video on using Periscope and Blab! 🙂


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