How To Set Marketing Goals

Setting marketing goals are important because you need something to measure your results against, but if your goals are too high or too low, they aren’t helping you much.

And what if you have no idea what goal to set for a particular marketing tactic? It can like be pulling numbers out of the air sometimes.

Listen to my video strategy where I share with you a three-tiered goal-setting approach that will help you make smarter and more effective marketing goals for your business.

Jill Celeste Transcript: How To Set Marketing Goals

Today let’s talk about setting marketing goals. Goals are really awesome for marketing because they give you something to compare your results against. It gives you some type of benchmark that you can say “Yep, this tactic was successful”, or “Eek, this tactic didn’t quite meet it.” Here’s the thing: goals are kind of worthless if you set them too high or if you set them too low. What I find even in my own experience is sometimes you really don’t know how to set the goal. Maybe you’re doing something for the first time – maybe it’s a new market or a new tactic – and  you really don’t know what kind of goal to assign to it.

How to set marketing goals

I want to talk to you about a strategy on how to do goals in your marketing plan that will help you make better decisions about your goal and give you a range that you can choose from. When I worked in corporate, every year we had goals that we had to meet for our marketing plans. One of the things that we did in my company was use a three-tiered goal system. I really like this. Of course I haven’t been in corporate in many years, but I was thinking about it one time when I was setting a goal for myself. I didn’t know what to expect here. I don’t even know what kind of goal to assign myself.

I was really thinking about it, and then I remembered this three-tier approach. I thought ah, bingo, this would really work. Once I implemented it in my marketing plan, it’s something that I continue to implement and teach my clients about. Let me tell you about this three-tier approach. I think this will help you with your marketing goals as well.

Creating a three-tier goal

Imagine, if you would, instead of setting one goal, say, for example, you have a Facebook ad campaign and you have a goal assigned of maybe attracting 50 new Facebook fans or 50 new people clicking on your link, or whatever it is. Really what you’re doing is you’re arbitrarily pulling numbers out of the sky unless you’ve done that tactic before. What I recommend doing, especially when you’re feeling unsure about what kind of goal to assign to that tactic, is to actually create three goals.

I have an audio-visual. I hope you can read it. You can assign threshold, target, and stretch goals to your individual marketing tactics. Now let me tell you what each of these mean. A threshold goal is something you can easily achieve. This is the no-brainer goal. It’s kind of a low-ball if you will, but that is what a threshold goal is. A target goal is a goal you would have about a 60% chance of achieving. If we were in the Goldilocks story, this is Mama Bear. This is the middle of the road. Again, a 60% chance of achieving. Finally, the stretch goal stretches you. It’s really stretching what you think you can accomplish and it’s actually something that maybe you have only a 20% chance of accomplishing.

Threshold, target and stretch goals in action

You can see why this is a little bit easier to wrap your hands around because you’re setting three different types of goals. Then what you can do actually in your marketing plan, this is an enlarged view of what I do. I actually have columns in my marketing plan. I would have the threshold, target, and stretch goals there, and then a column for the actual so I can actually document what it is I achieved. Let’s just do an exercise. Let’s say you found a new networking group. You went to a meeting and you’re like “Yep, I really think this has got my ideal clients in here. This is something I really want to try out and see if it’s working.”

You go ahead and put that in your marketing plan. You’re thinking about what kind of goals you can assign to that networking group. Somebody in my industry, one of the things we’re always trying to do is trying to get people to do our introductory calls, or what my business mentor calls the get-acquainted calls. Let’s say that’s your goal. You’re like okay, over the next six weeks, how many get-acquainted calls should I easily get? We’re just making this up. Let’s just say one. Yep, that sounds very reasonable.

In six weeks’ time, what do I have about a 60% of getting. I’ll be there for six weeks. There’s maybe 20 people in there. I’ll say four get-acquainted calls. Then stretch. Again, six weeks’ time, what do I have a 20% chance of achieving? There’s six weeks. I’m going to do this maybe … there’s 20 people. Let’s say half the people I get a call with. You assign the numbers. Then the end of the six-week time, you count how many you have.

Three-tier goals help you feel better about your marketing

Here’s what’s nice about this. If you easily achieve your threshold, which is what by design you’re supposed to do, you are going to feel great, because this is something you’ve accomplished. You can just check that off. Let’s say you’re still in your six-week period. You’ve accomplished one. Now you see, I only need three more to reach my target goal. If you’re built like me, who’s very competitive, I’m going to work really hard to get those three calls. Let’s say I do that. Woo! How exciting is that? Now you’re looking at your stretch.

Maybe you never achieve your stretch, but let’s say you actually got six get-acquainted calls at the end of that six week period. That is awesome. Look how you blew your goals out of the water. You may not have reached your stretch goal, but you got pretty darn close and you blew out those other two. You’re going to feel fantastic. I know I would. This is just an example of the type of thing you can do. You can put this on your wall.

Post your goals over your desk

Another thing I’ve seen with fundraisers, they use that thermometer graphic and you color in. You could do that same. If you’re a visual person, if you need constant reminders of your goals, just do something like this. Put it on your wall over your desk and it will just always be a reminder for you. You can use those three sets of goals to help you really achieve your marketing tactics.

I hope these tips help you in setting your marketing goals, and if you need other marketing advice, please my website at Until next time, here’s to your marketing success, and have a great day.

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