Improving Your Marketing Mindset

It happens. Sometimes, we as entrepreneurs get a shitty mindset about marketing. Nothing seems to be working. You don’t even feel like marketing anymore. It’s yucky, and icky, and full of nonsense.

Deep breath. That craptastic Marketing Mindset you’re experiencing is normal and necessary. And I have tips to help you shake it off.

Improving your marketing mindset by Jill Celeste,


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Mindset is a practice. Jill Celeste,

Marketing is fueled by creative and analytical powers. - Jill Celeste,

A shitty Marketing Mindset is a signal, a sign, a gentle nudge from the Universe. - Jill Celeste,


Normal Entrepreneur Alert: Sometimes, our Marketing Mindset goes down the toilet. Here are some of the warning signs you can look for:

  • You declare “I hate marketing!”
  • Or you declare “Why am I doing this? I am going to quit!”
  • Marketing feels icky – like a heavy dose of foul-tasting medicine.
  • Marketing feels contrived – no authenticity, no honesty, no truth.
  • Your Lightworker energy feels misaligned with your Marketing efforts.
  • You try to follow a guru’s advice, but it feels like you are smashing your square peg through a small round hole. It almost hurts.

Does any of these sound familiar?

All of this “marketing yuck” results in a shitty Marketing Mindset.

Even me – the marketing coach – gets a shitty Marketing Mindset. It’s okay. Recognize it, welcome it – because it’s a signal that things are amiss, and you need to work on getting your mindset back on track.

Ask any mindset expert, and she’ll tell you that mindset is a practice.

Here’s how Merriam-Webster defines “practice”: to do something again and again in order to become better at it.

See? Mindset is something you are always working on – again and again. And that’s the same for your Marketing Mindset.

So, how can you improve your Marketing Mindset? Check out some of these ideas:

#1: Take a break

When a laptop acts wonky, we restart it. When rechargeable batteries lose their juice, we put them back on the charger. And when your Marketing Mindset goes to shit, it’s time for a break.

Marketing is fueled by creative and analytical powers. These powers are not in endless supply – even for most talented of marketers. These powers must be recharged, and you recharge them by taking a break.

Don’t look at marketing over the weekend. When it’s a holiday, don’t look at marketing. When you’re on vacation, don’t look at marketing. These breaks will help you with your Mindset. And if you need extra marketing “vacation days,” take them. It’s okay. Your business won’t suffer. In fact, when you get back to the office, you’ll feel re-energized and will get more done!

#2: Ask for help

Oh, dear, sweet entrepreneur. You, independent rascal, you. I am creative! I am good at marketing! I don’t need h-e-l-p.

Every entrepreneur, including fabulous marketing experts, needs marketing help. This is not the time to be independent. This is the time to ask for help.

Get a business coach. Get a marketing coach. Join a marketing mastermind. Hire a copywriter. Hire a graphic designer. Hire a virtual assistant. Get an accountability buddy.

Help can come in many shapes and sizes. Just having an accountability buddy or marketing coach can be your sounding boards – valuable resources where you can bounce off ideas, or vent and bitch to.

Getting help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. Please get help!

#3: Write down what you are grateful for

This is my favorite “go to” exercise for any type of mindset issue. If you follow Abraham-Hicks, you may be familiar with “The Emotional Guidance Scale.” On this scale, the top emotion is described as “joy/appreciation/freedom/love.” When you’re in a grateful state, you’re in full appreciation mode, and it can be an instant mindset boost.

Get out a sheet of paper and write down all you are grateful for as it relates to your marketing. It’s okay to say “thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, for inventing Facebook.” It’s okay to thank the workers who built your laptop. It’s okay to thank a past teacher who taught you a thing or two about marketing. It’s all okay. If you’re thankful, even in the smallest way, write it down.

#4: Evaluate your marketing

It’s important to assess and evaluate your marketing because if you’re feeling off, it may be a result of  how you are marketing. Here’s an exercise you can do. Pick a recent marketing tactic you implement (preferably something that felt yucky). Then ask yourself these three questions:

  • What went right
  • What went wrong
  • What would I do differently next time

Do this exercise for as many marketing tactics as you see fit. The idea here is to learn. When we learn, we feel better. We can see trends, or experience those a-ha moments that give us a whiff of “oh, I can do this better next time!”

And you can do it better. You just need to know what to improve upon. And that’s where this exercise will help you.

Side note: If you are not having luck completing this exercise, please see #2 of this blog post.

Doing any of these four exercises will help improve your Marketing Mindset, but think about doing all four. While a shitty Marketing Mindset will strike again, your ability to bounce back will increase when you have these four exercises in your back pocket.

You don’t want to dwell in a negative mindset – ever. But when you feel it creeping up, you can think: It’s coming, and I know what to do. Thank you, shitty Marketing Mindset, for this signal.

Because that’s really what a shitty Marketing Mindset is – a signal. A sign. A gentle nudge from The Universe (or God, or Source, or whoever you believe in). Think of it as a wake-up call, jolting you from a deep sleep in a hotel room. It’s disruptive but necessary to get you moving. You got this. I believe in you.


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Jill graduated with a B.A. in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. She obtained her master’s degree in history from the State University of Georgia in Carrollton. Prior to becoming a marketing coach, Jill worked for 14 years in the private sector, and has experience in marketing and public relations in healthcare, IT and small business.

Jill lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, two sons, three guinea pigs and a basset hound named Emma.

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9 thoughts on “Improving Your Marketing Mindset

  1. Peggy

    I needed to read this Jill. I think you wrote it just for me…LOL. I have a shitty marketing mindset. Not because I don’t like marketing but because of all the other reasons you listed. I definitely stop doing just about everything especially everything that’s not working. And about 90% of what I was doing wasn’t working. To the outside world, it looks like I’m quitting. Maybe I am. To me, I think I’m hunkering down and regrouping. I’m taking a prolonged break.

    Things I’m working on:

    1. Who wants to write with me? Who is she? What keeps her up at night? How old is she? What’s her story?

    2. What book do I want to write? It’s *not* a how to book. I think it’s a collection of essays and poems. If Mary Oliver and Julia Cameron can do it, why can’t I?

    3. Getting my ducks in order, not a straight line but group them together so that when it’s time for me to work with you, I’m not all over the place.


  2. Debra Reble

    Thank you Jill! I so needed to read this today. I have been feeling everything you describe in the blog about marketing. Thank you for reminding me that it’s a process, that it’s normal to feel this way and that I can take a break, breathe and come at it from another direction. Blessings xo

  3. Lea Tran

    Great tips, Jill. I especially like your suggestion to welcome your mindset as a signal. I also agree that when we learn what we can do better next time, we feel better. Thank you!

  4. Sue Kearney

    Yup, you had me at gratitude. Because it’s the bottom line for me for everything. When marketing feels like drudgery, it usually means I’m lurking in a negative mindset about my success (or lack of same) when it comes to growing my business. Connecting to and expressing gratitude is the game-changer every time.

    Thanks, sister, sharing this.

  5. Stacey

    Thanks Jill for sharing your wisdom. I’m looking for more visibility. I like the energy of being seen more than “marketing” – Does that make sense?


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