Stop Worrying About Your Social Media Fan Count

Many entrepreneurs are concerned about the number of fans or followers they have on social media.


Do you often ask yourself:

  • How many Facebook fans should you have?
  • How can I get more Twitter followers?
  • Is 500 the magic number for LinkedIn connections?

You are not alone.

You see, humans like to wrap their heads around the tangible, and follower count is a tangible way to measure your social media marketing.

To be certain, if you’re gaining fans or followers, that’s a good thing. It means you have a bigger audience that can read your message.

However, I want to challenge you on the mentality about follower or fan count. More sometimes isn’t better.

Think about it this way:

Would you rather have a Facebook page with 3,000 mostly uninterested fans, or a Facebook page with 300 highly engaged, interactive fans?

I don’t know about you, but I will take 300 engaging fans any day.

Why? Because those 300 fans want to hear from me! They become part of my tribe, and eventually, they’ll buy from me or refer my services to someone they know.

I am not saying you shouldn’t attract new fans or followers. What I am saying, instead, is don’t get hung up on it.

Replace the “follower count obsession” with different areas of focus, such as:

  • How can I bring more value to my social media presence
  • How can I get greater interaction from my fans and followers
  • How can I share my expertise
  • How can I show my personality
  • How can I get people to trust me
  • How can I get people to refer me to their friends
  • How can I grow my tribe through social media

When you focus on the objectives of why you are using social media to grow your business, your social media efforts will be more worthwhile. Even sweeter, your fan base will grow organically – at the right pace and with the right people.

Social media is not a race of “who has the most fans.” Having 100,000 fans doesn’t mean anything except that 100,000 people decided to like your page or follow you. It doesn’t mean they will buy from you or refer you to a friend. It certainly doesn’t mean they are your ideal clients or care about what you’re offering.

It’s time to stop getting hung up on how many social media fans you have. Instead, it’s time to focus on how many ideal clients are engaging with you on social media. This means shifting your energy to only attracting your ideal clients through social media. Only then will your social media experience be more beneficial for your marketing and growing your business.

8 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About Your Social Media Fan Count

  1. Joni

    I really appreciate this Jill. I think we can get caught up on the number because we believe/fear it reflects our legitimacy or value. Not very solid ground to stand.

    I love your practical and grounded suggestions.

  2. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Right on, sister, exactly. I found myself looking at the numbers of Twitter followers and the number of FB page Likes I have for the first time in a long time yesterday. I used to solicit those follows and Likes; don’t much any more. They grow, which is nice I guess, but my energy and attention goes much more to 1:1 interactions and my beloved FB group (check it out and jump in if you like:


  3. Andrea

    YES!!!! Too many people miss the word “social” in social media. I’ve recently unfollowed a bunch of accounts that tweet and post *AT* people and reading my feeds has become fun and interesting again. I try to do that for the people who are kind enough to follow my accounts. Great post. Thank you.

  4. Tae

    Great advice. We get caught up in the numbers and need to “be liked.” Thanks for taking the stress away from that & focused on what really matters. xo

  5. Patricia Young

    Great post Jill! I definitely prefer quality over quantity! I see some FB pages or twitter accounts sometimes with tens of thousands of people and little or no engagement. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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