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Overcoming your fear of criticism by Jill Celeste

Overcoming Your Fear of Criticism

Overcoming Your Fear of Criticism by Jill CelesteAs you think about getting louder in your marketing, does a fear of criticism crop up?

A fear of criticism can stroke in different ways – from worrying about what your family and friends will think, to concerns about social media trolls leaving negative comments on your posts.

As you increase your visibility, you will get criticized. You are casting your net wider and wider so you can reach your ideal clients. This means the critics will find you, too.

Don’t let this stop you, though, from a playing a bigger game. You are meant to share your Divine Gifts loudly through your marketing, and you can’t let a fear of criticism stop you.

So, let’s take a look at how you can overcome your fear of criticism. It’s some of the most important mindset work you can do. If you can move past this fear, and market loudly in spite of it, you’ll be unstoppable!



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