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Stop and Assess Your Social Media Marketing

Social media. It’s a facet of marketing that most entrepreneurs love and hate. You love it because of its potential – the opportunity to reach so many of your ideal clients – and how accessible it is (you can jump on social media right from your phone, for Pete’s sake!).

But you hate it because it feels like a time suck. And you’re never sure if you’re just spinning your wheels, trying to get social media to work for your marketing.

What’s that quote attributed to Albert Einstein – insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results?

Are you doing the same social media stuff over and over again, expecting something different to happen? Have you stopped and assessed how your social media is really doing? If not, please read this blog post. I have some practical questions you can ask yourself to help get your social media marketing moving in the right direction.

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How you can win a copy of Youtility, the latest book by Jay Baer

Youtility by Jay Baer


Do you love to read marketing-related books? I personally find them inspiring, plus I soak up so much great knowledge to apply to my business.

One of my “go to” authors for marketing books is Jay Baer. He is well known for his social media ideas, and he’s often considered to be a digital marketing pioneer. This week, he is releasing his latest book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is All About Help Not Hype. Jay’s new book explores how brands can win the attention of consumers by answering “how can we help?”  When brands engage their customers through assistance and practical advice, they are creating lifetime customers who will repeatedly buy from them. Ann Handley, author of Content Rules, says Youtility “…delivers both a broader vision and a specific road map to creating content your customers will thank you for.” Continue reading