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Following Up With Love

Following up with love by Jill CelesteFor many Lightworkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, following up with sales prospects is not a comfortable process. In fact, it can feel downright icky – and totally absent of love.

If this sounds like you, you will appreciate this week’s marketing strategy because I will teach you how to create a loving follow-up process. You’ll walk away with two things: (1) Logistical knowledge on how to create a follow-up process, and (2) how to infuse love in your follow-up process.

Before we delve into the logistics, let’s first grapple with the elephant in the room: Your mindset around following up.

Here’s what I want you to know: You are not hounding your sales prospects. It’s not even in your wiring. Your natural tendency will always to be genuine, so put your “I am hounding them” fears to the side. It’s not even possible with you, okay?

As you work through your mindset, check out the tips I’ve outlined below to help you add more love to your follow-up process.



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The Wow Factor

I opened my mailbox the other evening to find a slender package, and as I pulled it out, I was in  immediate delight. Yes, I was excited to receive a package, but I was delighted because of how the sender covered the package with cut-out hearts and a handwritten inspirational message. How fun!

As soon as I got inside, I opened it. I knew what it was – I had ordered a “salvaged word” from artist, Colleen Attara – and I was eager to see her rendering. As soon as I got the package opened, a confetti of cut-out hearts streamed out, and I peered inside to find much more than my salvaged word.

The whole package was a cornucopia of art and love! Colleen included two gorgeous pieces of marketing collateral – her business card and a door hanger. She also included a smaller version of my “salvaged word,” plus a book mark with my word on it, plus a bonus greeting card for me to use.

I was delighted. I was happy. I was excited. And, I was wowed.

I was so wowed that I went to my Facebook Page and did a Facebook Live to share all of these goodies, making sure to tag Colleen’s Facebook page and include her web address.

And now I am writing a blog post with the story.

The Wow Factor. Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com

This is what happens when you wow your customers.

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Market With Love

While the words below are mine, I can’t take credit for this idea. It’s something I learned from my business mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson. It’s so bloody brilliant, though, that I had to share it with you. I hope it serves you like it has served me.

Market With Love

The most successful type of marketing, in my opinion, is heart-centered, love-filled marketing.

It may sound counterintuitive – and maybe even revolutionary – but, yes, you want to market with love. You want your ideal clients to read your marketing copy, or watch your videos, or learn from your webinar – and feel the love emanating from you.

In other words, everything you create for your marketing is really a love letter to your ideal client.

Let me show you what I mean. Please watch this 2:42 commercial: Continue reading