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Using the 55×5 Manifestation Method For Your Business

Using the 55x5 Manifestation Method For Your Business by Jill CelesteThe 55×5 manifestation method is an amazing Law of Attraction tool that you can use to achieve whatever you desire in your business.

While the 55×5 manifestation method is usually used for one’s personal life, it’s a fantastic for business too.

For example, I love to use it for achieving my goals, especially when I want to manifest a certain number of clients or revenue number.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will outline exactly out how to use this manifestation method in your business.

Remember: Be open. I have used the 55×5 manifestation method with great success (or I wouldn’t teach it to you). If you can master it, you’ll be a manifesting machine!

Let’s get started…



I love to create graphics that enhance the learning in my weekly marketing strategies. Please feel free to share these on your social media! Continue reading

Your Marketing Consciousness

I just finished the book, Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi, and I was particularly moved by Gikandi’s thoughts on wealth consciousness. He writes, “Once you have wealth consciousness, it will be very difficult for you not to have success and wealth. Success and wealth will follow you automatically wherever you go.” (page 5).

In other words, when you believe in all levels of your mind that you are wealthy (despite what your checking account may show), then more wealth and success will come to you. You have to believe you’re wealthy before you can get wealthy.

Which got me thinking about marketing…

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs and Lightworkers come to me, and say that they know nothing about marketing, or that they hate marketing, or that marketing never works for them. Perhaps you think these same thoughts?

Your marketing consciousness. Jill Celeste. www.JillCeleste.com

What if, just as we must do for increased wealth, we create a Marketing Consciousness – where you believe in all levels of your mind that you love marketing (even if you’re not sure how to use marketing successfully) so that marketing success will come to you. Continue reading