The Art of Receiving

I was 29 years old, the mother of two boys under the age of two, a newlywed – and I had a big problem:

Someone (anonymously) sent me $500 in gift certificates to the local grocery store.

Why was that a problem? Because I didn’t know who sent them to me, I didn’t know why they were sent to me and I most certainly didn’t need any charity!

(Can you hear my indignant self?)

But, what was my real problem? I hadn’t embraced the joy and art of receiving. I was an excellent giver, but my receiving skills sucked. And I had a big life lesson waiting to be learned.

My gift certificate story was the foundation for my chapter, The Joy of Receiving, published in the inspirational and bestselling anthology, Cultivating Joy.

And now it’s the topic for this podcast interview with my fabulous co-author and bad-ass warrior, Peggy Nolan. (Just click on the player below to start listening!)

The Art of Receiving

Your ability to receive not only affects your personal life, but it affects you as an entrepreneur too. I see it so much with my students – from giving away services for free to not hiring people to help them with business-related tasks.

Celestial Ones, it’s time to be better receivers.

The better you are at receiving, the better you’ll be at your business.

I hope you take 30 minutes to listen to Peggy’s and my conversation. I truly believe there’s a lesson in this interview for every woman.

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