Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Started My Business

I started my first business in 2011 with a determine heart and mind. My first business went “okay,” so when I opened my coaching practice in 2013, I thought for sure it would be smooth sailing. Wow, was I wrong! As I reflect back on my entrepreneurial journey, I learned some valuable lessons – things I wish someone would have told me when I started my business.

So, if you’re starting a business – or maybe are a struggling entrepreneur – here are some lessons that I learned that I want to share with you:

Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Started My Business

There will be days when you want to quit

If I had a dime for every day when I wanted to throw in the towel, I would be a millionaire. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. There are lots of bad days. There are lots of times when you wonder what the hell you’re doing. There are even more times when you think how easy it would be to just work for someone else.

Entrepreneurs, a bad day is just that – a bad day. It’s not an indicator of your future success. Hang in there.

You are not everyone’s healer

Entrepreneurs need to make money, and sometimes we agree to work with people who are not our ideal clients because we need the funds.

Every time I have done this, though, I have regretted it immensely.

When you agree to work with someone who is not your ideal client, you are doing your customer a disservice. Not to mention, working with a less-than-ideal client causes you even more stress and unhappiness. You’ll find that the money is never worth it.

Energetically, you need to work with your ideal clients – always. If you need to supplement your business earnings, then find a part-time job or take on work that makes you happy. I had a friend who was growing her health coaching business and had a part-time job teaching kids how to play golf. She loved golf, and so her part-time job was a great way to earn money while staying in her happy place.

Invest in your business and yourself

I am a cheapskate when it comes to spending money on me (or my business). I was in business for several years before I invested in a business coach. That was a big mistake! I should have invested in coaching on Day 1.

As a mom, I feel guilty when I spend money while my kids are outgrowing their shoes or my son needs money for band. Sure, I can afford all of these things, but my natural tendency is to spend the money on my kids first, telling myself that I’ll invest in myself later (and then never do).  This is another big mistake. I can’t grow my business without investing in marketing, coaching and personal development. That’s why it is called an investment – you’ll get a return on it later. Make the investment.

Stay positive

I believe now in the power of positive thinking, manifesting and telling the Universe what you want. However, when I first started my businesses, I easily lived in a negative mindset. If a client dropped me, I would be depressed for days.  If a process didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, I would deem myself a bad business owner.

Admittedly, my mindset likes to slip in the negative groove. It loves to be there. It feels comfortable and secure. However, thanks to a great mindset coach, I immediately recognize my negative mindset and focus on a positive one instead. It has made a big difference in my business, so make sure to stay positive – even on those bad days!

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. Your livelihood depends on your business success. That’s why it’s essential to invest in yourself, keep a positive mindset and stay focused on serving your ideal clients. The entrepreneurial journey is full of speed bumps. No business owner ever has a smooth ride. However, if you stay true to your passion and purpose, you’ll move past your bad days and enjoy your entrepreneurial journey even more.

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16 thoughts on “Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Started My Business

  1. Bonnie copeland

    Jill I totally agree with you! I could have saved myself a lot of time, frustration and energy if I had known that these truths existed. Entrepreneurs have to be determined but it can be a lonely place unless you find your people who are able to support and understand you. Big hugs – so glad to have connected with you!

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      It’s so true, right? Hopefully, new entrepreneurs will read this blog post and get some perspective. So glad to have connected with you too! xoxo

  2. Vassia Sarri

    Oh, how much I agree with this article, especially the part where you say we should never work with clients who are not ideal for us!!! I always remind to myself never do this mistake again… and when I fall on this, it is always a desaster… when will I ever learn and start trusting my intuition?

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Vassia! We still need to have our Get-Acquainted Call! I’ll send you an email today so we can reschedule. Thank you for much for stopping by. Trust your intuition – every time! xoxo

  3. Melissa Rapoport

    You. Are. NOT. Everyone’s. Healer.
    Indeed, and now every time I have a consultation I ask myself, “Is this person my Ideal Client?”
    Thank you for the reminder, Jill!

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Asking yourself if a sales prospect is your ideal client is so essential to the success of your business. Melissa, you are such an inspiration. xoxo

  4. Kelly

    This is so wonderful, truthful and sooooo VERY HELPFUL for entrepreneurs who do this thing every day! You’re totally inspiring me to do video BTW!!

  5. Dina

    Oh how I resonate with every point you made! I think my favorite is that there are days when you want to quit. I’ve been feeling that a lot lately, so this is divine timing to read your post and feel encouraged to not give up! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Minette

    Love this post, Jill, especially the reminder to invest in yourself on every level and to stay positive. You are right, being an entrepreneur is hard but it’s also exciting, rewarding and I can’t imagine doing anything else 🙂

  7. Pamela

    Fabulous post Jill. So important to remember these points, especially when you work alone. It’s so easy to lose perspective and feel overwhelmed, but so worth the journey. Thank you!

  8. Stacy

    Jill, this was so timely & so desperately needed for me! I definitely need a business coach, a virtual assistant, a tech guru….you name it! I am struggling financially though, so paying tons of money is out of the question. I really liked the “You are not everyone’s healer” comment, because i always think I am!


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