Well, That Was A Sucky Marketing Idea

You implemented a marketing idea. Maybe it was something you’ve never tried before, maybe you’ve done it before, or maybe you tweaked an old idea into something new.

It doesn’t matter. You implemented.

And it failed. Miserably. You didn’t get the results you wanted. Perhaps you didn’t get any result – just the sound of crickets from your ideal clients.

Well, shit. What do you do now?

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. Ready?

Well, that was a sucky marketing idea

#1: Congratulate yourself

You implemented a marketing idea! WOO HOO! Do you know how many entrepreneurs don’t implement anything? More than I care to count.

But you did implement something. And that’s worthy of a thousand accolades. Congratulations on moving your feet!

#2: Learn the lesson

Nothing is a complete failure because there’s always a lesson.

Nothing is a complete failure because there’s always a lesson.

We would not have light bulbs, rocket ships or even fire if people gave up after one failure – or even a dozen failures.

That’s because the failure gives you information, and this information will help you when you implement your next marketing strategy.

Here’s what you should do after you implement any marketing idea (whether it worked or failed):

  • Itemize what worked
  • Itemize what didn’t work
  • Itemize how you would do it differently next time

That’s the best way to learn the lesson of each marketing idea. Now you have great “marketing intelligence” for your future campaigns.

#3: Keep going

The hardest part of this process is to not get discouraged. Failure is hard to deal with. But the important thing you need to do is keep going. Keep trying. Do not give up.

First, discover a way to get over your failures. Some people journal. Some entrepreneurs will talk to another entrepreneur (one who gets it!). Others will tap. It doesn’t matter what you do – just find the best method for mentally overcoming your failures.

Then, implement another idea – the sooner, the better. Speed can drown out the negative voices in your head. Your Ego prefers slow because it has more time to talk you down. Don’t give your Ego this space. Light a fire under your butt and keep moving your feet.

So, the next time you implement something – and it sucks – remember the tips in this marketing strategy. Don’t be so damn hard on yourself! You tried, you learned and you’ll try again. Failure just means something sucked; failure doesn’t mean you suck. There’s a huge difference there.

So fail! It will lead to your marketing success. I promise.

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1 thought on “Well, That Was A Sucky Marketing Idea

  1. Vatsala Shukla

    It’s absolutely gut wrenching when we put our heart and soul into a marketing idea or campaign for a product whether free or paid (especially) that we know will make a big difference for our Ideal Client and then they don’t respond.

    One thing I’ve learned is to give myself some time and space to mope a bit and acknowledge that I’m human and after that, get down to working out what went wrong and how I can get it right the next time.


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