What To Put On Your Business Card As An Entrepreneur

Whether you’re networking at a conference or meeting new people at your child’s football game, having an effective business card is an essential “must-have” for your overall marketing strategy.

You may be wondering, though, what exactly you should put on your business card. The sky’s the limit as far as card design and size, so have fun, be creative and make sure you have the following elements on your business card:

What To Put On Your Business Card As An Entrepreneur

Name and contact information

Your business card is not your birth certificate, so only put the name you want people to use. Additionally, only include the contact information that you want to share with others. There is no rule that says you must have a physical address or fax number on your business card. Additionally, think about alternative forms of communication, such as Skype, Twitter or Facebook, and include that contact information as well.

Professional photo

Real estate agents have been doing this for years – and for good reason. When you include a professional photo on your business card, you are reminding people who have only met you once what you look like. This helps tremendously when they run into you later! It also personalizes your card in the best way possible.

Your lead magnet or opt-in gift

Your website should have a lead magnet, or opt-in gift, to help you get more email addresses. Why not include the gift on your business card? A simple statement such as “To get my free ebook about social networking, visit my website at XXX,” will inspire your new connections to go to your website and learn more about you (not to mention that they’ll opt in to your email list).

Marketing pull questions

Include on your business card three to four marketing pull questions about your expertise and how you help people. This is great verbiage for the back of the card (there’s no reason to leave the back of the card blank!). You’ll want your new contact to remember exactly how you can help him – and your marketing pull questions will do exactly that.

Other business card tips

  • Create different business cards for different events or purposes

Whenever I go to a conference, I have a separate stash of business cards printed up. I include the conference name on the business card so people remember where they met me.  Business cards are not too expensive, so think about different ways you can design your cards to match the occasion.

  • Consider the hand off

Once you have your business cards, think about “the hand off.” This is especially important at networking events because your card is the one thing your new connection will leave with that’s about you. Don’t just say “here’s my card” and hand it over. Your business card should be part of the conversation. And don’t forget to get your new connection’s business card too.

Think of business cards as mini-advertisements of your company. Spend time considering what goes on your business card and how you will distribute it. And don’t forget to use both sides of the card! Optimize your business card so that it leaves a lasting impression that will endure once you are no longer in front of the people you have met.


4 thoughts on “What To Put On Your Business Card As An Entrepreneur

  1. Theresa

    Wow! I never thought about marketing pull questions on the back of the card. I’ll be doing that! And, a great idea to have special cards made up for certain occasions. Thanks, Jill 🙂

  2. Josee

    Thanks for all the great tips Jill. You’ve opened my eyes to new possibilities for my business card. It will be fun to create.

  3. Pamela

    Awesome post Jill! These tips will make my future business cards more powerful. I love the idea of customizing cards for specific events and including my optin info. Brilliant 🙂


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