Writing Letters To Share Your Marketing Message

When was the last time you mailed a letter? Believe it or not, “snail mail” is an effective marketing tactic, especially if you do it consistently.

You may be thinking: Mailing letters? That is so old school!

I know. It is old school, but think about this:

  • Have you ever not opened a personal letter? Now consider: How many emails do you delete before even reading them?
  • How many times have you skimmed a long email? Now consider: How many times have you read, and then reread, a long letter?
  • How excited are you to receive an email from someone? Now consider: How surprised (and then excited) are you to get a letter in the mail from someone?

Do you see how mailed letters are more likely to get someone’s attention?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some tips to consider for your letter-writing campaign:


#1: Give thought to the paper and envelope

Take time to pick out the right paper and envelope. This is not the time to use copy paper and white standard envelopes. Consider stationery that attracts the eye and makes you look professional. For a greater impact, get personalized stationery on high-quality paper, such as what you can find at Write Robinson Couture Stationery.

#2: Schedule your letters and consistently mail them

Think of your letter-writing efforts as a campaign, and get out your calendar to plan accordingly. What topic will you cover in your letters? What days will you mail them?

Equally important, commit to your schedule. You’re in the spotlight now, so make sure to follow through on your promise to mail regularly (ideally once a month).

#3: Mail a letter to everyone

If you have a mailing address, then that person should receive your letter. Don’t be shy! One of the best ways to collect addresses is through www.postable.com. You can send a link to everyone on your email list or through social media, asking your contacts to add their mailing addresses to your Postable account.

#4: Make it personal

This is not the time for being generic! Make each letter personal. Write it in such a way that the person feels like you are talking to him. And if you are comfortable doing so, add personal information to your warm letter, such as what your kids are up to, or a vacation you are planning.

Writing Letters To Share Your Marketing Message

Sending letters to all of your contacts is a great way to acquaint people with your company, and, ultimately generate referrals and sales.  Even in our modern age of technology, people still love to receive “snail mail.” Take advantage of the personal aspects of letter writing, and you can spread your marketing message in a more intimate way to people.

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5 thoughts on “Writing Letters To Share Your Marketing Message

  1. Melody Moser

    Jill, this is such a wonderful idea! I do send cards to my clients on holidays but hadn’t thought of reaching out by sending personal letters or post cards throughout the year. I’m going to start doing this right away. Thanks for such a refreshing post!

    1. Cecile Callahan

      Jill, Happy New Year! This is definitely going in my 2018 “pattern planning” on my calendar. In past I have just done individual cards to clients, friends, etc. Goes along with your “marketing from the heart” recent blog. I shared it to the agents in my office!!!

  2. Peggy

    You have just given me the best idea! My dojo sends out “You Rock” postcards. I got one every time I promoted or if there was something I did that stood out in class. I LOVED getting those cards! I still do.

    Okay. So now to get addresses! And create postcards on Vista Print!

  3. Cindy

    I love this post, Jill. I love getting mail from a friend in my post office box, and I bet a lot of other people do as well. Adding this to my to-do list.


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